Saturday, July 3, 2010

Much Ado About Face

Hmmm, here it comes... an excuse intertwined with an explanation of the solution to my dilemma.
I haven't been completely clear about (or content with) the faces so far. The second looser one 'happened' in just a few hours, thankfully, but then I took a turn with it that I loved for the technique of it, but just not on a face. I started painting horizontal and vertical parallel lines in different values. The result was something I wanted to see painted on its own in an abstract piece. Here is a close-up over the eye area on my second face painting:

So after staring this gal down for a long time, I set her aside also, and began another piece, one without a face. The result was magical for me. I decided it was already time to 'about face' and change directions. I painted one whole piece in just a couple days' time. This isn't actually completely done yet, but it's close. It measures 23" x 23".

The upper righthand corner of this 'swatch' has a shaded under/over effect that I will do over the whole weaving. I used a basic soft leaded graphite pencil (9B) to do the shading and worked it in with a small blending stump. I'm very happy with the result. I feel like making a whole bunch more of these pieces now. I'm pleased that it goes so quickly and the tedious nature is actually very welcome to me. It's like knitting! What more could I ask for?



  1. Very unique and fun to look at.
    How much time does something like this take?

  2. ...just what every artist hopes for- that people will enjoy looking at our work! This piece has taken only two or three days so far. I estimate another couple of days to complete the shading and finish the edges, sign it, etc.