Saturday, June 8, 2013


I recently had the need to accumulate samples of many of my past artworks.   I was being considered to do a commissioned piece to be made into prints, and in order for the members of that organization to vote on my worthiness, they needed to see examples to judge the quality of my work.  (A side note, I cleared the hurdle, and will be doing that particular piece this fall!)  So... in accumulating and refining those images of pieces long gone, I have all new digital files of many more works to show off.  Sometimes I forget that just because I enter a photo in facebook, that doesn't mean everyone sees it.  Most of these works are a combination of graphite, watercolor and acrylic.

Here are pieces from my 'rock period':

'Timeline, Extended'

'Love ROCKS!'


And that transitions nicely into my 'egg period':



'Safety Nest'

I will probably never abandon fabric as one of my favorites in subject matter.

'Enrapport, Deux'


'Rapunzel Had a Better Idea'



And my new favorite theme.... hands!

'Tug of War' collaboration with J.P. Morrison
(My contribution is the panel on the right.)

'The Fan'

My work in progress is a self portrait (of my hands only) holding 51 cents (which is also my age).  I'm working from about a dozen photos, and have only just begun, barely getting most of the outlines roughed in.  Soon, it will look something like this photo:

Reference for '51'

Well, that about sums it up, so it's back to the drawing board for me!