Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not in MY Backyard

Nothing much is happening in my backyard today, nor the front yard or at the sides. There is a thickly overcast sky ‘round these parts, and I doubt I’ll get any garden/entrance construction done today. I’d hate to get all my tools and saws out and have it cut loose and downpour on me. However yesterday, we were able to install the two 6x6 posts in the ground

Again, thanks to Hubbs, father-in-law, and the Bobcat, it was a relatively painless task. This is the first step that will tie into the existing fence posts bordering the garden entrance for reinforcement. It’s called a knee support. That should stabilize my somewhat heavy entryway. I've chosen an asymmetric plan so the posts aren't level with each other. The slanting ground played into my decision, and as an after thought, I now plan to add another stair-stepped second post to the right side that is less for support, but more about aesthetics. So thanks guys, for your help! Now the rest is up to me.

But for now, I might as well take advantage of the weather and shift over to an indoor sport. I'd love to crawl in bed with a knitting project, but there are more pressing projects at the moment. I’m finishing up a few small 5x 5 inch drawings. I drew this pair of pears about a year ago and quickly started a couple more just like it.

This is made with a watercolor base wash, then shaded with Prismacolor pencils and topped off with graphite pencil shading on the pears. The background is mostly acrylic paint. After completing the first version of these pears, I dabbled at Version #2 and #3, here and there, now and then, throughout the next few months, but I kept letting a lot of other projects interrupt. Now, with focused attention, they are basically done, short of mounting them for display, and I’ve gotten underway on another series of 5x5’s. This time, I’m working in graphite pencils alone, rendering a simple metal picture hook, nailed in the wall. I haven’t decided on the background or whether it will get a ‘color’. I decided to do those in multiples as well, since I’ll donate one to a gallery fundraiser (see below), and a couple others are committed to other people. I’d certainly like to keep one for myself too.

This 5x5 gallery event happens every May and I have donated a piece for many years. For more information, click here:

Here are a couple of my past years’ donations.

So I’m going to settle in to my chair with a cup of hot peppermint tea, and draw the rest of the day away. I'll hopefully show you some finely-drawn picture hooks very soon.



  1. These paintings are absolutely wonderful! Beautiful! You are a very talented artist, and I am humbled after viewing your work. It's interesting that you work in several mediums in each piece. I love texture and light. You expertly captured them. Before, during and after pictures would be really fun to see. I have pictures like that with one of my paintings. Where did you read my profile? Just curious? Do you have a Facebook account?

  2. Deb, I brought up your profile page by clicking on your picture next to your comment. I have not yet entered into the world of Facebook, or Twitter, or even My Space, back when all my friends and co-workers were doing that. I'm usually brought up to date with technology kicking and screaming. So for now, I'm content with just playing around with this blog. Thanks for your kind remarks about my work!

  3. Wow, I didn't know my picture could do something like that. I've had a Facebook account for a few months now. Its a great way to keep up with my two sons, and my husband for that matter. I've had old friends contact me that I haven't heard from in years from using Facebook. Its fun. But I never play the games that are offered. I know that some of them are rather addictive.

  4. Hi Cousin! Love you drawings, they almost look like photographs. Karen